28 de September de 2021

Mundo RH: Digital needs to move forward in business strategy

Technology is a very important element in the activity of the professionals who are on this front line, but it is really the people who execute, create, and build, who are going through a moment of transition and reflection. Click here and check out the complete article by our VP […]
27 de September de 2021

GS1 Brasil: Promotional Marketing brings benefits also for SMEs

For us in the B2B segment, Promotional Marketing seems to be a distant reality. Many still understand that this type of action is specific to companies focused on the B2C segment. This is no longer true. In the article on the link below, Orys’ Financial and Marketing VP, Fabio Iamada, […]
8 de September de 2021

GS1 Brasil: Do you have a structured sales process?

Do you have a structured sales process? A company that adopts a structured sales methodology allows sales to take place without the direct dependence of the authors. In other words, regardless of the seniority of the salesperson, the result can be more easily achieved. See below the contribution of our […]
2 de September de 2021

Ciso Advisor: PEC on data protection is approved by the House

LGPD. You may have heard about this topic, but you haven’t looked into the details yet. For sure all companies are facing big challenges and this can be one more in the list of many. Perhaps this is the time to stick this issue to the top of the priority […]
17 de August de 2021

GS1 Brasil: Data Intelligence: can you use it to your advantage?

Much is said about the importance of using data intelligence in various segments. Despite the massification of this concept in business, it is still little applied, especially in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), even with the growing offer of new technologies and tools. According to Forrester data, between 60% and […]
4 de July de 2021

InsiderCast: More Structured Sales Process

How to sell more with a structured sales process? The sales process is a fundamental factor for a company to act actively with its prospects and close more sales. But how to have a more efficient sales process? Our guest today is Eduardo Julião, Commercial Director at Orys, a data […]
25 de May de 2021

Channel 360: Developers: beyond the bubble

The Information Technology market has never been so hot. Professionals from the most diversified areas move and dictate the frenetic rhythm of this business world that has a guaranteed presence in all segments and core business worldwide. And it is not enough to have a college degree in IT, an […]
30 de April de 2021

CIO: Agent of digital in the business strategy

Re-signifying our professional and personal performance is a challenge. The context we live in, with the pandemic still ongoing, exerts systematic pressure in various spheres. And in the area of information technology, this pressure has certainly been enormous, especially on CIOs. They are dealing with peak loads on application and […]
20 de February de 2021

Amcham: Orys’ new partner

It is with great joy that we communicate that since the beginning of Feb/21 Orys is part of Amcham (Chamber of Commerce Brazil/USA). With more than 100 years of existence, Amcham Brasil’s main objective is to integrate Brazilian and international companies in an environment that goes beyond borders in the […]